Grant proposal editing

At Charlesworth we know how important a clear and persuasive grant proposal can be. That is why we offer grant proposal editing where the aim is to help you with the language and presentation of your proposal so that reviewers can focus solely on your scientific content or sources and the issues you are seeking to address. This will maximise your chances of having your grant proposal accepted and your project receiving funding.  


Our Editors  

Our team of expert editors are all PhD educated and have considerable research experience. Covering a wide range of disciplines, we match our editors to the subject area of your grant proposal.  You can be confident that the person working on your grant application will not only be PhD educated, but they will have experience of winning funding awards. This valuable insight will maximise your chances of receiving funding - benefit from their experience. 


Our Subjects 

We have a team of editors who are subject specialists in a wide range of disciplines. We can offer grant proposal editing for any project, from science to humanities, and guarantee that your editor will have the most appropriate skills and experience for making improvements to your grant proposal. 


Charlesworth's Grant Proposal Editing Services 

Grant funding is becoming more and more competitive, highlighing the importance of using every means available to increase the likelihood that your grant proposal will be favourably reviewed and awarded funding. Plus, funding bodies frequently use reviewers of applications who may not be subject specialists in your field. By using our editing services, we can help you ensure that your proposal's message and proposed methods are clear and easy to understand, even for a non-specialist. 

Many academics, early career researchers in particular, will underestimate their competition, who are more experienced at applying for grants and obtaining funding. Researchers should seek to gain every advantage possible when writing their grant proposals. 

Our Essential and Advanced grant proposal editing service includes comprehensive editing (spelling, grammar and punctuation) following your funding body guidelines. Using their experience, our editors will ensure language and presentation is writtten to give you the best chance possible with your chosen funding body. The Essential package includes  a word count reduction of up to 10% and the Advanced includes a word count reduction of up to 25%.  

Our experienced team will: 

  • Study the funding agency guidelines;
  • Examine the questions asked in the proposal;
  • Review if your proposed research fits within the remit of the funding that you are applying for; 
  • Review the key question your research aims to address and establish if this clear in your funding application;
  • Advise you if you should include diagrams and figures to represent data collected and outcomes which will make it easier for a reviewer who is outside of your research field to assess your application. 


  • Often, one of the first questions a grant proposal reviewer will be asked is: does the proposed research fit within the funding mandate? Make sure you have answers for all of the questions in the proposal as you put your application together.  European Union funding applications typically include several generic questions that address both the scope and impact of your research and the composition of your team. If you are able to access a proposal that was recently funded by the same agency. This will allow you to easily see both the shape and content of a successful application. The kinds of things that should, and should not, be included.


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Our Grant Proposal Editing Service will ensure that your final proposals are clean, readable, and effective. 

Interested in giving your grant proposal the best possible chance of securing funding? Please see our Pricing page to get a quote or place an order with Charlesworth Author Services. 


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